On the condition that your total financing is secured for an amount of $8 million, I would be delighted to participate in
codirecting your abovementioned film which I find of great interest and impact in today’s world.



Hello Pawel, Ari Wise here, Arturo’s film scoring agent. I read the synopsis below, it sounds like a beautiful and also tragic true story. I am glad that you are bringing it to the screen. I would love for Arturo to read the script so that he can discuss it with you further on a creative level. Melody and I both agree that it sounds like something he would be deeply honoured to work on, especially since you had him in mind while writing it. Would you be able to forward a PDF script?

I’ve also looked at your summary budget. The line item for Music seems workable depending on whether or not you will require a lot of licensing of pre-existing recordings. It’s highly likely, given that it’s a period piece that you might need to license some recordings of jazz, classical, popular, or folk Polish or German songs of the time. Some of those songs might be in the public domain now, but the original recordings might not be. There might even be an opportunity for Arturo to recreate some of that music.

I’d be happy to work with your music supervisor in an advisory capacity to ensure that there are sufficient resources for the score. Generally, I like to see 1.25% of the overall budget allocated to original score production. Your budget of $85,000 USD is pretty close to the target, providing for a small orchestra or jazz ensemble but probably not a large one. Fortunately, Arturo is himself a master musician on many instruments and creates most of the tracks in his own studio.

Ari Wise, owner / agency director



Dear Pawel,
Since my client would like to be involved with your project we are willing to waive the fee. Let this serve as a LETTER OF INTENT:
Please be advised that DEBBIE ROCHON would be happy to par􀀪cipate as a performer in your project THE
ISLAND W. if she is available at the 􀀪me of the shoot and all of her deal requirements are met. This le􀀮er of
intent is valid for one year from this date.
Thank you for your interest.
Michael Eisenstadt
Amsel, Eisenstadt, Frazier & Hinojosa


Joe Cook

MPA Actors Management

Dear Pawel,
thank you for your email and the information you send me on your future project.
I just finished reading your script and still carry the feeling of shock, but also
great admiration for your lead character Wanda.
What a exemplary woman with faith, heart and strength.
Congratulations for taking on this delicate subject and for opening this tragic
story to the public audience.
Especially for me (with my german origins), this story has a lot of meaning.