Island W will be produced as an independent film.
When you talk about independent film, there is more than meets the eye.
More than half of the “Best Picture” Academy Award® winners since 1980 were produced and distributed by independent, international distributors – typically all members of IFTA (International Film & Television Alliance).
What made these films independent is that they were not financed through established studios but rather individually through equity and non-equity sources. Each one reflects the creativity that is the hallmark of the global independent film industry.
There are five key phases to producing a film.

  • Packaging: During this stage, the Company will “package” the film (i.e., attach actors, key production personnel and other talent). The initial marketing campaign is planned and prepped for launch.
  • Preproduction: During this period (two month prior to the start of production), the Company will open a production office; hire all crew; engage a locations scout to secure the locations where shooting will occur; secure rentals for camera and lighting packages; prepare shooting schedules, etc. At this time, all actors will be cast and finalized. Press releases are prepped and media contact lists are finalized.
  • Production: The production period (37+9 days) will be the time that the principal photography will be shot. After this time, all of the scenes for the movie will be completed or “in the can”! Press releases are sent out at the beginning of the production phase. At the end of principal photography we launch the online marketing campaign.
  • Postproduction: During the postproduction period (approximately four to five months), the director and editor will select the best “takes” of the various scenes and edit those takes into an assembly of the entire film. Once the film has a “locked picture”, the project moves into various departments for finalizing the feature film. Example: Music, Visual Effects, Sound Design, Color Correction and final sound mix.
  • Distribution: This encompasses all potential exploitation and sales of the film product. The theatrical release, DVD/Blu-ray sales and rentals, the various television outlets, soundtrack/merchandise sales, and all other revenue sources constitute a film’s distribution.

The basic elements for a successful film project are:

  • Start with a great story – and deliver it with conviction and a sound vision. A well-crafted screenplay is vital and is the basis for all successful films.
  • Know your target audience.
  • Marketable Content aimed at your target audience.
  • Controlling Costs – realistic budget, responsible financing and oversight.

Start with a Great Story

An event from Wanda’s life is a large piece of contemporary world history. Wanda’s story about participating and taking part in the biggest event of our civilization is completely underrated. It was thanks to her life that the holy pontificate of the Polish Pope John Paul II arose. John Paul II is the most recognizable man of our era. It is thanks to her action, there has been no nuclear war during the Cold War. Meetings with this person always accompanied by crowds youth. Her books published in Poland have become best-sellers.

Know your target audience

The most important element in any successful film project is the audience for which the film is being made. This is the source of the film’s income and all decisions have to be made with the target audience in mind. The target audience can encompass a number of broad, age demographic categories as well as various niche audiences within and across these categories.

Marketable Content

Our movie will be rated PG, which will broaden the field from our target 14-55 audiences by appealing to their families as well.

Controlling Costs

There are several factors that are important to consider for controlling costs:
  • The budget for Island W is set at approximately $8,000,000. The budget is attached hereto.
  • Because the creative team behind the project has extensive experience within the industry, the Company plans to utilize their contacts and resources available to produce the film at a much lower cost than what a similar film would cost if produced inside the studio system. By having independent status, the Company can reap the benefits available to independent productions, such as discounts in locations, camera packages and Special FX rates, while still allowing us to maintain the highest production values. This means the investors will benefit from a film that has the appearance of costing more than it actually does.
  • We will be fully bonded and include an overage contingency within our budget to protect our investors.
  • In order to reduce the cost of all the productions and shooting locations they were placed close to each other. Photos in the camp Ravensbrück were located in the city center, in a sand quarry, where a special tent will be set up. Thanks to modern technology, it will be possible to register and produce at all 4 seasons, in this special tent. The transition from winter to summer will be possible in one day. The entire budget is packed with this kind of savings which do not affect the quality productions, on the contrary, give it the character of a high-budget film.
  • This ingenuity allows low labor costs, transportation, and accommodation, an advantage of the filming being located in Poland. This allows you to make a film with a budget $16,000,000 in the amount of $8,000,000. These type of saving and ingenuity are our biggest advantage.
  • Responsible Financing –The final budget will be reviewed and finalized by the entire production team before any funds are released to the production company to insure that sufficient financing is available to complete the film.
  • Oversight – The Company will provide oversight on every line item of the budget as well as approval of any contingency expenditure to ensure the film is completed on budget and on schedule.