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Island W is a proposition of joining two fields, imagination and business intuition. Movie business is only an incurred investment here, that could be fueled on a scale unprecedented in other branches of the economy. Producers are explorers who are constantly seeking more treasures. The financial gain is only possible in the discovery of something unique with a story that no one knows or did not see yet. The greatest




Island W is the brightest star in the entire arrangement of stars in the sky. Just like this story tells us about the biggest and most important events of our civilization. This story is based on true events from the life of 16 year old Wanda who is arrested by the Gestapo. Wanda is then transported to Ravensbrück, a concentration camp. There she experiences inhuman conditions which she remembers her

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Island W will be produced as an independent film. When you talk about independent film, there is more than meets the eye.More than half of the “Best Picture” Academy Award® winners since 1980 were produced and distributed by independent, international distributors – typically all members of IFTA (International Film & Television Alliance). What made these films independent is that they were not financed through established studios but rather individually through

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World War II deprived an entire generation of youth happy Poles and the most beautiful time in their life turned into hell, which lasted five long years. On September 1st, the German army invaded Poland, starting the second global conflict. Wanda was 17 years old. Wanda was a scout, which was considered an obligation in Poland, as you learned to love your culture and important Christian virtues. It is no

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The idea is to use cast relation to the life of Polish actress who by her uncle, is directly linked with the history of John Paul II. In addition, her personal relationship with Colin James Farrell, may stay directly processed on the screen, strengthening the reality of staging. Further on, the potentials of an actor like Colin James Farrell, will allow him to show the full range of talent. The

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Paweł Zastrzeżyński is seeking an equity investment of $8 000 000 for full production and early marketing of the film tentatively titled Island W. After the Investors have received 125% of their contributions, the Investors and Paweł Zastrzeżyński will then split 50/50 all additional distributable revenues based on their pro-rata share of common equity ownership in Paweł Zastrzeżyński. This 50/50 split is based on 100% of budget funding by the investors.

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The most important element in any commercial film project is the audience for which the film is being made. This is the source of the film’s income and all decisions have to be made with the audience in mind. The target audience can encompass a number of broad age demographic categories as well as various niche audiences within and across these categories. This film is targeted towards the following audiences:




EXT.VILLAGE HOUSE.DAY. 1 BOARD: 1924 A house covered with a thick blanket of snow. In the distance Little Adam is watching Wanda, who is pulled on a sledge by her father. WANDA Daddy, we’re going far, far away. WANDA’S FATHER We’re going to Honolulu. WANDA Where is it? WANDA’S FATHER Far, far away… Close-up of Adam’s honest eyes. EXT.HOUSE UNDER THE CHESTNUT TREES.DAY. There is a house standing on a

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JOSHUA SINCLAIR On the condition that your total financing is secured for an amount of $8 million, I would be delighted to participate incodirecting your abovementioned film which I find of great interest and impact in today’s world. 2017 ARTURO SANDOVAL Hello Pawel, Ari Wise here, Arturo’s film scoring agent. I read the synopsis below, it sounds like a beautiful and also tragic true story. I am glad that you

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