Island W is the brightest star in the entire arrangement of stars in the sky. Just like this story tells us about the biggest and most important events of our civilization. This story is based on true events from the life of 16 year old Wanda who is arrested by the Gestapo. Wanda is then transported to Ravensbrück, a concentration camp. There she experiences inhuman conditions which she remembers her entire life. She also never forgets the cruelty of the Germans, especially as they threw a newborn baby into the crematorium. From that moment, she decides she will attempt to save every life. In the camp she becomes a pseudo-medical experiment. After her stay in Ravensbrück, she ends up in death camp. There she plans her future and decides to become a psychiatrist. She wants to understand the human psyche. When the war ends, the death camp is freed. Wanda starts her studies in the field of medicine. During her studies she marries Andrew. She starts working at a psychiatric hospital in Cracow. She knows that the communist system is another totalitarianism. Communists publicly allow the killing of children. But Wanda does not stand passively and continues the fight. On her journey she meets priest Karol. Both Wanda and Karol want to save people’s lives. Friendship blooms between priest Karol and Wanda, and soon they share a brother-sister relationship. They understand each other without words. But soon Wanda is drawn into the work of her actions with priest Karol, work as a doctor, and maintaining a household – four daughters and a husband. An obstacle is a deadly sickness due to her experiences from the concentration camp, from which Wanda miraculously recovers. On the day of the operation, she wakes up healthy. After a few years, another illness appears. The pain is almost too much for Wanda to bear. An operation can only take place in Honolulu which is located 1000 kilometers from her house. But only there is a specialist qualified to operate the cervical spine from the front. Wanda is unable to travel to Honolulu as the communist times she lives in is terrorized by a cold war and her opposition to the communist system grows. Priest Karol becomes a bishop, archbishop, and a cardinal. Wanda is constantly at his side, leaving her unable to get a passport. However finally a communist is found that will help Wanda get to Honolulu. She journeys to Honolulu unaware that this great journey will change the loss of the world.