The most important element in any commercial film project is the audience for which the film is being made. This is the source of the film’s income and all decisions have to be made with the audience in mind. The target audience can encompass a number of broad age demographic categories as well as various niche audiences within and across these categories. This film is targeted towards the following audiences: Male & Female 14 – 55 years olds. This demographic is attracted to films such as Pan’s Labyrinth, The Boy in the Striped Pajama, and the bigger production as The Pianist. All are based on true stories in the lives of well-known celebrities. All these movies did breakout box office due not only to content but star power attached. Although we will be much more modest film without heavyweights.


The motion picture industry is highly competitive; with much of a film’s success being directly related to the skills of the distributor’s marketing strategy. The production team is committed to making the film an attractive product to theatrical, home video, and other ancillary and international markets. The Company intends to negotiate with U.S. and foreign distributors before commencing pre-production. Our goal is to secure some form of distribution prior to or during production.


The company will implement several proven strategies to mitigate risk to investors, including state and federal tax credits and rebates, incorporating the early marketing budget into the production budget, setting up a collection account with distributors, and casting 1 or 2 marketable actors with name recognition.


Investing in and/or aligning the venture capitalist or product with the Paweł Zastrzeżyński for the production of Island W affords unique opportunities. This applies not only to the nature of the venture capitalist’s investment but in the exposure of their brand or business to a global audience.